StoryPost Map — QR plaque locations

The 24 StoryPost plaques are displayed in outdoor places appropriate to their topics. The markers on the map below will show you where each one is located, or you can download a printable map to carry around. You can listen to each StoryPost on location by pointing your smartphone or tablet at the QR code. (Or you can stay home and listen on your computer by clicking on the topics in the numbered list below or the alphabetical list on the StoryPost page.)

1-  Albert Jackson

2-  Chestnuts

3-  Black & White

4-  Boys of Major Street

5-  Anti-Semitism

6-  Chickens

7 - Convent

8 - Discipline

9 - Fish

10- Horses

11- Laneways

12- Milk

13- Traffic Maze

14- Playing

15- Candyshop

16- Cornerstores

17- Movies

18- Dating

19- Crowded Homes

20- Drugstores

21- Education

22- Shopping in Kensington

23- Bakeries

24- Porches


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