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       025A           Jane Adams
  129A Konstantinos (Gus) Agelakos
  029B Anna and Bob Barnett
  101B Pierre and Merlyn Beeckmans
  095B Isme Bennie
  084B Abraham Blank (and Dinny Biggs)
  062B Rachel and Jack Brass
  122B Percy Brik
  102B Alastair Brown
  080B Ruth Reingold Brudner
  107C Connie Cardoso
  091C Bev Chernos
  087C Zaezilia Chumarow and her son John
  042C Carmel and Merc Cioe
  054C Norman Cook
  075C Debbie Cowitz
  041D Nettie de Frias
  034M Mercedes and Bill de Melo
  063D Janice Dembo
  092D Celia Denov
  060D David DePoe
  076D Marvin Dryer
  072D Christine Duffield
  035F Susy Sky Fagan (and Flora Lewis Kay)
  110F Linda and Michael Farberman
  057F Karen Raxlen Fejer
  058F Paulo Fernandes
  059F Felicidade Fernandes
  125F Fatima Ferreira and Benny Pimental
  009F Sandra Foster
  126F Harriet Friedmann
  077F Celeste Fuda
  074G Silia Giannone & Vittoria Giannone
(with Sylvia Porretta)
  109G Richard and Rosalind Gilbert
  047G Marsha Ginsberg
  116G Saul Glass
  130G Rae Gold
  046G Barry and Helen Goldlist
  028G Frances Silverman Gotkin
  024G Mutt Greenberg
  119G Joe Greenberg
  094H Ron Hill
  067H Hindy Hirt
  082H Shuck Chun Ho (and her son Paul Ho)
  048J Faith Jackson
  112J Jay Jackson
  022J Harvey Jacobs
  021J J. Joel
  093K Tillie Karasik
  106K Ann, Bill and John Karner
  115K Marion Kashin
  124K Ron Kashin
  035F Flora Lewis Kay  (and Susy Sky Fagan)
  039K Feige and Joey  Kay
  079K Mervyn Key
  108K Roberta King
  019K Rafi Kosower
  103K Alf Kwinter
  123L Elaine Levison
  111L Len Lewis
  085L Robert Longworth
  096M Terence Macartney-Filgate
  053M Mary Miko
  071N Yiman Ng
  097P Judy Perly
  125F Benny Pimental (and his daughter Fatima Ferreira)
  105P Mario Porretta
  074G Sylvia Porretta
(with Silia Giannone and Vittoria Giannone)
  049P Sue Potts
  026P Betty Pratt (and Arthur Zimmerman)
  040Q Wilson Quan
  032R Judith Robertson
  023R Rose Rodrigues
  104S Joe Santos
  118S John Scalpello
  068S Stuart Schoenfeld
  051S Rosie Schwartz
  027S Sheldon Silverman
  081S Gerald Sperling
  090S Mathilde and Rakel Stephanian
  050S Ann Sobel Stone
  073T Norman Track
  070T Doreen and George Tripp
  033V Loet and Max Vos
  052W Bobby Whyte
  038W Ella Wolfish
  089W William Wright
  026P Arthur Zimmerman (and Betty Pratt)

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